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Who we are

Corel Website Creator X6The school of Hong Gar Nan Shaolin directed by great master Cheok Foong was born in Italy (Milan) in 2000.

The goal that arises grandmaster Cheok is to teach and pass on the styles and forms of combat Hong Gar (Hung Gar) Traditional.

During his stay in Italy, which lasted over 10 years, sifu Cheok Foong was frequently contacted by those who appreciated his teaching and many have decided to follow this path of life, coming to the Association (XIAN MING HONG GAR KUNG FU NAN SHAOLIN), reinforcing the ranks of school in Hong Gar.

Currently the grand master resides on his hometown in Malaysia where he continued teaching martial arts and practice acupuncture. He’s regurarly in Italy, as a great teacher and technical director of the association to keep all the associated seminars and insight on style.

It might seem difficult business, but the first italian student of the great master Cheok, the master Bartolomeo Manci,a  was given the merit and privilege to learn the discipline with adjoining the traditional lion dance. 

The school of kung fu Hong Gar expects new members so that in the future it is still possible get potential masters, ready to appreciate and disseminate this ancient and healthy eastern discipline.



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Gran Maestro Cheok Foong


Sifu Bartolomeo Mancia

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