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Hong Gar is a traditional style of southern China, related to the history of the shaolin temple in Fukien. It is ranked among the so-called external styles. As in all traditional styles there are postures and basic movements that characterize all the style. It’s characterized by low postures and sometimes elongated, quick couplings and powerful and carried a short distance with the aid of arms, fits, fingers and elbows and a limited but efficacious use of leg techniques. 

To gain power and speed the pratictioner is subject to strict training exercises of the postures, and strenghtening of their phisical condition. Only with hard work you can achieve balance, physical strenght, fluidity of movements, and ultimately develop the most of own inner energy. 

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The style oncludes the study of traditional forms,also of considerable duration, comprising techniques fist fundamental, inherent the boxing of the five animals, based on the attitudes of five animals(Tiger, Crane, Snake, Leopard), these are studied in a manner single or combined. Every movement sequence extrapolated from the forms is always a side application in a  comparison between two or more opponents.

It is within the program the use of several weapons. Among these we will mention a few. The famous butterfly knives, staff with three sections, the long staff, the two short staff, the spear, the double-edged sword, double swords, the bench and the fan.

The empty hand forms and weapons are developed in a single or two people.

Sometimes in the sequences between two people face each different weapons.

The lion dance is closely ralated to kung fu.

The dancers mimic a simple story, a representation in wich the lion expresses its mood from the way it performs the movements.

The postures of the lion are those of kung fu, and only pratictioners of kung fu have the skills and grace of movements to stage the best dance.

In Hong Gar are studied several styles or expressions of the lion, wich also focuses attention on to the stage the different moods of the lion during the dance itself.                            

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