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Cheok Foong  of Chinese origin, he was born in Malaysia where he started learning Shaolin Hong Gar at an early age under the guidance of the great master Wong Pak Siew. Master Wong, a native of the province of Canton in southern China, had in turn learned this ancient discipline, by two of his uncles, who were nothing more than two members of the notorious Ten Tigers of Canton, direct discendants of the Shaolin Temples. The great master Cheok was transmitted, with a whole, discipline in its fullness, from individual tao lu and couples, with their bare hands and with weapons, the chi kung and self-defence.

The master Cheok has therefore reached the highest level of mastery in the discipline and at the moment is the only one with full knowledge of this style. The master was instructor of special police forces in Malaysia and had a multitude of students with which he partecipated and always with the best results in the competitions of the traditional lion dance held in Malaysia.



Bartolomeo Mancia Always fond of martial arts, he met in Milan, thanks to friends, the great master Cheok, and remaining will soon hit by some of his techniques and movements, he has decided to set aside his previous knowledge to get hard to learn as much as possible any part of the style Hong Gar Shaolin. After years of hard and frequent workouts, the master Bartolomeo has been officially received, by decision of the master Cheok, the title of master and founder of the national discipline that has been passed in accordance with the traditions. The master Mancia still lives and teach in Milan at the same venue, which for years was the school of kung fu grandmaster Cheok.

The master Bartolomeo holds regular seminars on the style and special classes for students who achieve high levels of learning.


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