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  • What is it kung fu?
    Kung fu in Chinese literally means “hard work”. The kung fu is an ancient art that originated in China. Its origins are so backward in time that is complex to trace an exact date of when it was created.
    It knows, howewer, that today the kung fu is practiced by thousands of people around the world, not only in the East, thanks to the desire to pass it down and spread it to teachers as the grandmaster Cheok.
    Kung fu, as ancient martial art, is related to philosophical and cultural very ancient. His practice taught to know ourselves, our limitatons and overcome them.
    Kung fu develops in us self-control, it help us put aside the ego, unlike what happens in many sports clubs, even martial, where sport competition takes on a predominant role.
    Kung fu, mainly serves to keep us healthy.
  • Can you free trial lessons?
  • How many lessons is advisable to attend?
  • After what we begin the study of traditional weapons?
  • Studying this style can be effective in self-defence?
  • Can I improve my fitness with kung fu?







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