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Children who practice a martial arts will benefit in the formation of their character and their education. The martial arts are a safe activities, controlled and directed to non-violence.

The kung fu discipline and above all it is a philosophy of life that has its roots in ancient Chinese culture.

Respect for the family, which for the Chinese people has always played a key role in education and for the land, respect for peers, for adults, humilty, generosity, sense of responsibility, all family values Hong Gar style.


Kung fu is one more card in the growth of your children.

There is not a specific age to start. It’s all about the preparation and learning ability.

The boys who practice the martial art will increase their self-esteem, strenghten their physical and mental condition, with the result of avoiding unhealthy lifestyles and easy targets.

The practice can be reconcilied with the study, in fact may increase the level of concentration at school.

Kung fu can be a form of preventing the onset of diseases as well as a valuable aid in the cure.



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